Dear Researchers,
Journal of Educational Sciences and Sociology is an international academic e-journal which publishes articles on Education and Sociology. All articles go through a Double-Blind Peer Review process and are published online, biannually (Spring-Autumn) except special issues.
We founded our journal in order to create an academic platform to present authentic studies in the fields of sociology and education to the researchers who are interested in these fields. The more important the production of knowledge is, the more important it is the process of spreading knowledge. Especially today, it's not hard to guess that concepts like inequality, crime, education, and gender, as both in Turkey and around the world, constitute the main subject of many research studies conducted by many different researchers in many different places at the same time. Based on this idea, we hope to reveal which topics are studied, which research methods are applied in different areas of education and sociology, and what solutions are offered by putting out the results.
We believe everyone is going to make a huge contribution to our journal with their knowledge, ideas, and skills. So, on behalf of the editorial board, we would like to extend this invitation to all the researchers in the world.
We hope to see you in our next issue.
Best Regards.
İlker Aysel & Çağlar Kaya