Writing Rules of JESS

Manuscripts can be written in any word processor software (Microsoft Word, Open Office, Pages etc.) or file format. Electronic documents of manuscripts must be in A4 paper format. Authors must use APA 6 citation style, 12 font size and 1,5 line spacing in their manuscripts.

Abstracts of the manuscripts must not exceed 250 words. At the end of manuscripts (After References) an extended abstract must be presented which is at least 1500 words. Abstract and extended abstracts will be translated into Turkish by JESS without any fees.

Manuscripts which complete the peer review process will be edited by the editor of JESS for online publishing. A copy of the electronic document will be sent to the author/s.

The names of the authors can be removed from the preferences menu of any word processor. Authors' information (Title, Organization, and e-mail address) must be provided in the e-mail which the work has been sent. 



 Book Review Guide

A "Book Review Guide" is prepared by the Editorial Board for authors who are willing to review books on Education or Sociology. Please click here to download the guide.


 Copyright Release Form

Authors must fill in the "Copyright Notice Form" with a handwritten signature at the end (If the article has multiple authors, all the authors must sign the form). The signed form should be scanned and uploaded to the system via file upload while submitting manuscripts to JESS. Please click here to download the form.


 Ethical Responsibilities

Manuscripts submitted to JESS for publication should be authentic studies that were not published before or not submitted to anywhere else for publication.


 Manuscript Withdrawal

Authors can withdraw their manuscripts which are not published yet. To withdraw your manuscript from publishing in JESS, please notify us by sending an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Also available:  Türkçe (Türkiye) 
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